Sunday, December 19, 2010

Infant Car Seat for Sale (SOLD)

'Sweet Cherry' brand of infant car seats for sale - RM 60/each (SOLD)

  • There are 2 nos. avalaible (were previously used by the twins). 
  • As new condition. No stain, no dust
  • suitable for new born upto 13kg of weight
  • complete with adjustable handle with smooth grip,
  • and comfortable head support, chest & buckle pads
  • Own pick-up or delivery to location to be mutually agreed.
  • Original selling price : RM109-RM129 each

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contests- Are you happy with the end result/winner?

Recently, contests like; the cutest baby, best family photos and even the Johnson baby contest require public vote or your friends to vote online. At the end, the contestant who got the most votes win. 

Has this ever cross your mind whether the winner genuinely deserved to win at the end? I have recently participated in this online contest. I now realised you can actually exchange votes with others. Some even posted saying they can exchange up to 30 votes or person you don't even know voted for you and requested you to do the same. I was so naive that these votes are of genuine people who really support or like your entry. I was stubborn and did not voted back to any of these people who voted for me unless I find their entry is genuinely nice.

So, to stand a great chance of winning, even your submission is 'not up to standard', all you need to do is get all your friends/links to vote and exchange with others!!!!! This is unbelievable and unacceptable to me.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Life has changed with the present of the children. So it is no longer just about the 2 of us. We usually stayed at home watched couples of CDs or hang out with some friends for drinks and lunch.

We are never a fan of exhibitions/fairs. Don't like to get into the crowds, the jams and the going round and round for a car park.

So, we are now becoming the usual parent crowds to do things, claimed to be the best for our children. Last weekend, we brave ourselves into the crowds, the jam and the limited car park; to take Jack to the KL Motor Show 2011 at PWTC. Also, mind carrying a 14-15 kg child around from Hall 1 to Hall 4, up and down the staircases. This is really HARD WORK.

But the smile on his face when seeing all the cars and his little voice on "it is so much fun. Thank you mummy, Thank you daddy" justifies our effort.