Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jack's 1st School Outing Trip

Jack went on his first school trip last Wednesday. In the beginning, I was reluctant to go as I need to take a day off and accompany him for this trip. Children who are less than 3 years need to accompany by a parent. The school was worried about them not able to walk long distance and require to be carried and the teachers will need to care for others.

Jack is always fascinated by things that move and with engines. He has been talking about getting on a bus for quite sometime. I thought this could be fun for him but I am not very sure about visiting an organic farm.

The place of visit was GK organic. The owner, Mr. Gan was quite strict on certain thing e.g. 

1.he disallowed the teachers to feed the children with sandwich breakfast and instead demanded all children to have just a banana

2. All to walk around the farm barefooted. 

Amazingly, Jack was coping well and was able to walk with his bare feet on the uneven ground filled with stones, mud and grown grass. Some other children were struggling and complaining about the pain.

Jack did not mind the hot sun and got his hands dirty into sweet potatoes digging and some other children didn't even wanted to try as they were worry that their hands are going to get dirty.

I was a fun trip out and glad that I was able to spend some one to one time with him. He is now looking for another trip out in a bus.