Monday, December 17, 2012

Good vacation Villa for Family Vacation

I have booked Airasia tickets since early this year for us to go Krabi in January 2013 and it only cost us RM1000 for the 7 of us with return tickets, hot seats and sufficient baggages!

Anyway, I came across these villas in Bali and Krabi. I think it is good for a family holiday. You have   a kitchen for cooking and your private own pools, and if you feel posh enough, you could get the chef to cook for you too! Also, own Tuk Tuk service and transfers from and to Airport, the transportation is already worth a bit of saving. Kids can play around instead of stuck in a confine space of a hotel room and you can be more relax with your time table, like cooking on your own and if the kids are tired, they can take a nap or go anywhere you like with the in house Tuk Tuk service.

Here are the villas:-

Villas in Krabi, Thailand
Villas in Bali (the are more villas website in Bali, you can google for them like Seminyak villa and etc).

K and J modelling for Totalchild Pre-School

Some Recent photos

Here are some of the recent photos captured when the kids are being nice and not fighting with each other!!

Missing in action, again!

Yes, I have been busy with works, the school holiday, preparation for the upcoming festive season + my maid is going back for 2 weeks. Finger cross (tightly) that she will be back after that. If not, will seriously need to quit work for a while and sort my 'life' out!

Just a quick recap. We have been travelling since October. First to clubmed, then made effort to take the kids balik kampung to see my auntie in Port Dickson, then to Strawberry Park in Genting and Legoland. Yeah, I have done lots, right? Of course in between, the big bad wolf book fair and also quick christmas shoppings. Everything is for the kids, nothing for ourselves anymore!!! Oh, yeah, forgotten, also a quick celebration of the twins' 3rd birthday. No photos of the birthday bash is available yet, will have to wait for my friend to burn them into a CD for me. 

Here are some of the activities photos:-


Forgotten this one too, Mummy's home made Halloween costume!



My girl is surely braver and stronger than the boys. She was willing to try out most of the rides. The boys were like not this one, not that one, I don't want this, I don't want that. By the way, if any of you are thinking about going, Legoland actually provide stroller rental service. For a double stroller RM30/day, single stroller RM20/day, very good value. However, the merchandise in the shop could cost you a bomb!

K and D's 3rd BIRTHDAY

I only taken the photos of the cakes!!