Monday, February 27, 2012

My Dear Warehouse Sale (23 Feb- 4th March)

Mydear warehouse sale is back. For those who are looking for good deal for baby stuff like walker, stroller, bedding, infant furniture, toiletries and children's battery operated cars and playground equipment. Mydear usually have 3 warehouse sales a year.

The location is a bit far out, located at Meranti Industrial Park, Puchong. 

To me, the quality is not too bad, baby grows fast, most of the equipments and items are mainly for short term usage and their prices are justified for this short term usage. However, the bedrails that I bought 2 years ago still last till today and the battery operated car is still functioning.

The place is far (for those who are not staying at the area) and crowd. If you can and you have young children, try not to bring them along. They also usually have some toys for sale but you need to really check them as some could be defective.

Here is mydear website. The prices shown are yet to be discounted. Can expect further discount of 20%-50% depends on the products.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend Activities

During the long holiday break in early February, we took the children to Kid's World in Mid Valley and some outdoor activities in Lake Garden. The bus ride around Lake Garden is free at the moment until 29th February in conjunction with the Federal Territory Day.

Kid's World

Lake Garden

The 3 of them

Sometimes, they are the best of friends and some other times, they are the worst enemy to each other.

Air Asia and Firefly Sales

Wow, the big sales are back. Did you manage to get any?

I am usually lucky. The last Airasia 0 fare sales, I managed to get tickets to go Langkawi in August this year in conjunction with my darling hubby's birthday. So, for the 7 of us (4 adults and 3 kids inclusive of my 2 maids) is only RM501.00, this include all add-ons like insurances, baggage of 30kg and selected seats. We kept going back to Langkawi because:-

  • The journey is short. We can handle an hour journey with the kids with no problem
  • It is convenient. We can hire a car with very reasonable price like RM80/day for an MPV, so we are mobile.
  • We know the people and places well. We know where to go and where to eat
  • Things are cheap there!!!! It is duty free. If you get your supply from a shop, the beer is only RM1.30/can. We have seafood dinner for 9 and it only cost us RM100 including drinks!! 
  • We love the beach and bar there. We can eat and drink and the kids can play there for hours and meet with different children from different part of the world everyday.
  • The children love the beach and hotel pool

So, come this sale again, I managed to get tickets to Krabi at RM7 one way, with all the add-ons including giving ourselves a treat of 'hot seats', it cost around RM1500 for the 7 of us again. Very good deal. We decided to venture out of our comfort zone (Langkawi) and take a bigger step on a longer flight journey with the kids. That is why we decided since it is a 2 hours journey, we are going for the hot seats with bigger leg room.

Anyway, Firefly is also having a great sale for travelling from Mar - Oct 2012 and for Langkawi trip, the return ticket is only RM38 per person. I considered this as a very good deal too, as you fly from Subang and that will save you your taxi fares.

Just a little tip, I usually managed to get ticket at around 8am-9am in morning. I guess this is the time most office workers are busy travelling on the road to work and the website will not be so busy!

Good luck to those who are trying to get some cheap tickets!

Forget the Valentine day, for married couple with kids, like The Star paper's article said, we prefer a holiday break or get away with our family than the chocolate and roses.