Monday, October 29, 2012

Clubmed 21st-23rd October

The 5 of us excluding the maid went on a driving trip to Clubmed, Cherating. It was a self-drive company trip. The journey took about 3 hours and the kids were manage-able with in between time of playing ipads or iphones. They slept about 2 hours throughout the journey there but were asleep all the way back home.

This is really not a good time to go Cherating. We got there about 5pm and it was a raining day. However, the 2nd day was raining almost the whole day. The sun only managed to come out on the last day of our stay.

We have heard so much about the mini and petite clubs there. We left the kids there on the 2nd day. They were so unsettled and were seen to be crying on off. The clubs have very good comments from all over the world. However, I do not think it meet maybe, my standard of caring for kids. For the petite club, which is suppose for kids below 3, was only with three stuff.  When I dropped the twins there, there is no specific person that will soothe them or keep them occupied. When my friend went to drop her kid about 1 hour later, she told me my little D was still crying and he was by himself without any attendance but Missy K, has gone with the group for a swim in the pool.

Jack attended the mini club. They have series of activities arranged for the kids. However, I find the G.O(s) will not encourage your kid if he/she does not want to participate. The kid will just need to tag along as they go on to one another activity. After 2-3 hours of stress, peeping here and there watching the kids. We decided to take them out during lunch time.

The kids were sobbing none stop seeing us and told us that they do want to go back to the club anymore. So, there went our plan for a quite drinking and chatting session with the other company members. Never mind, at least mummy was happier after getting the kids out.

The food and drinks were fantastic. We finally got to enjoy the holiday on our last day of the trip. However, in my opinion, the rooms need to be refurbished. The rooms are seen to be leaking here there and with heavy musky damp smell.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Missy K's 1st concert

Last year, we have Jack performing his first ever concert and this year, the 3 of them should be performing too. However, little baby, D, as usual, is not going to do anything at all just like his sport's Day and visit to the orphanage.  Little D, better realise that he is not longer a baby and need to step up. Little D said he will do it next year but let's see what happen next year.

On the other hand, Missy K, did everything as instructed by teacher. Not a single 'no, no' from her.  Mummy, of course, cried and cried watching my missy K, mastering her every move!

Jack, of course, no problem with him as he is older now.

Langkawi, Again!

Yes, we went to Langkawi again in August in conjunction of darling husband and daddy's birthday. This round it costs us around RM500 with return ticket for the 7 of us. Since one of maid has left us, so this trip was only the 6 of us.

We purchased a groupon deal dinning voucher that only cost us less than RM100 for the 4 pax but 8 of us (including our 2 friends from Langkawi) went and there were still untouched food and left over. Great value for money. We have pasta, salad, lamb shank, pizza,fajitas, satay and etc. The place is called Skybar along Pantai Cenang. The host was great and gave us a free birthday cake too.

We took the kids to the Fama orchard on the last day of the tour. The tour guide was very friendly and has all sort of silly ideas for the photo effects. Here are some of them:-

Of course, the kids enjoyed their stay in Langkawi. Hubby and myself have a chance for some quite drinking time too!

Fertility Facts

This is common and so, we are considered normal, then!