Thursday, January 22, 2015

It is 2015 and I am a year behind-2014 activities-Summary - Part 1

Gosh, I am really slipping away from my post quite badly now. 2 Week ago, my blog reader texted me that I have not updated my posts for months. It is now entering year and not month anymore.

Krabi - Jan 2014
We started year 2014 visiting Krabi again. We have a very good time in 2013 and decided to re-visit the place again. If you remember in my earlier posts, I am the 'good deal' queen. Same again, I managed to secure free air tickets for trip to Krabi but this was done at 3am in the morning. I think my tiredness kicked in and I got the date correctly but the time wrongly. Just to change the time, it costs me much more so I decided to stick the 7am landing, means we have to get up at 4ish in the morning. Then, the problem came, hotel will always allow check in usually after 12pm. So, where we going to go after arrival with cranky 'waking up so early' children and husband! So. I contacted Krabi Villa and has no problem to pick us up early and even willing to arrange for us a temporary villa to stay if our villa is not ready. Came the day, driver from Villa was there and even our Villa was ready, so no major issue!

This time, I brought along with me cereal and sausages, cooking oil and etc. We just chilled by the poor and cook them some food.

The kids are older now, we decided to hire a boat for island hoping so we can stop whenever we decide to. I think to hire a private boat including lunch provided cost us less than RM200. The children has no problem with the boat ride but got a bit scare on the way when it was a bit bumpy. They have no fear of the water and just jumped straight in and even did a bit of cave/rock climbing during our lunch break.

We have also taken the kids for their first ever experience of go-karting. We visited the sleeping Buddha, the beach but spent most time by the villa and the villa pool.

Look who's here - Awie

Awie came for a visit and we managed to snap a photo with him!.

Tekala Water Fall - Hulu Langat

Our friends have been mentioning about taking a day to visit waterfall as most of our kids are 'city' kids and never visited water fall. This was my 1st experience taking the kids but most probably the last. It was too much of a pressure due to the slippery rocks around. I was constantly keeping a watch out for the kids and worry like sick that they may fall and cut their heads open or some sort of seriously injury! Anyway, it was a great experience for the kids, they have a very good time and we adjourned to Thai fish farm for some lunch after that. Also, 1st time got introduced to what is called 'selfie'!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Big Club

As usual at the end of the year, we usually plan a trip to JB. The kids' uncle and auntie stay there. So, we are taking the oppurtunity to visit them and take the kids to Little Big Club. We will usually fly there and daddy will be taking us back to KL in his car. Daddy has a job site in JB and travels there often.

Again, thanks to Airasia, for the 5 of us, one way airfare, I think only cost up to RM120.

Banana Leaf Exeperience

J been asking me about serving food with on banana leaf, he was curious wanted to try. There we go, taking them out for their first banana leaf experience.

And, they love it! We are doing that more often now. They think it is a very amusing experience of eating on banana leaf instead of on a plate.

The twins turn 4, Nov 13.

We have a very simple celebration of the twins birthday this year. They will have their big birthday party when they turn 5 this year.

J, a very lucky boy!

I have slipped greatly on my postings now. I have a very busy last year and can't believe 3/4 of 2014 has passed too. I have a numbers of backlog postings , thought of taking this oppurtunity to clear out some, at least 2013's.

Hubby was being invited to an opening of a supercar showroom. Not that we can afford one, is just that he knew the salesman and bully him into inviting him. See, this is a very boy stuff and of course, he will need his partner in crime to go with him. So, lucky J got to go to this type of 'classy' event filled with VVIP and the super rich! 

Frank Stephson, award wining designer of Mini Hatch, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and McLaren.

Datuk Mokhzani

Joe G, radio DJ

At the age of just 5, he knows his car stuff very well, the horse power, no. of exhaust, the speed and the price. I didn't even seen or heard of any of the super car at the age of 5. 

He reads Top gear magazine and watches an episode of Top Gear before going to bed.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good shopping deal!

I have recently found this great place with most of the clothes selling at RM5-RM15. I bet you must have heard of this place, Kenanga Wholesale City.

The F.O.S there sells clothes cheaper than those at other shopping malls. They usually have buy 1 get 1 free deal and is located at the North Wing-Ground Floor. Just above F.O.S, on the 2nd floor at the corner, there is this amazing shop that sells clothes from RM5-RM15.

Here are some of the examples:-
RM5 top.

 RM10 top
RM15 skinny jeans
RM10 (for a pair of pyjamas)
RM15 pants

There are lots more, even adults 'branded' T-shirt (e.g Nike/Puma/Adidas etc), reasonably good quality is only RM 5 each and jean shorts for adult/kids are only RM10 per pair.

I usually will spend about RM200 in that shop but come back with lots of clothes. If we go to normal shopping centre, I think RM200 may get you 2-3 pieces of clothes.

With those sort of prices, we do not need to worry shopping for clothes for our kids and concern that they will out grown their clothes shortly.

The mall also has shops selling all sort of clothing ranging from women, men, Muslims, children and other including bags, toys, jewellery, hair accessories, house hold stuff, stationery and etc. If you are planning for a party with theme (princess, Minion, Angry bird, Ben 10 etc etc), you can easily find party pack goodies like bags, stationery, key chain, soft toys and etc over there.

They also have a non halal food court at 7th floor and other halal food outlets scattering at different level.

Be prepare with comfortable shoes and clothing including trolley bag as there are 7th floors and you will take hours just to browse around.

So, spend your money wisely and enjoy your shopping. 

Good Online Shopping Website.

I came across this website via the side bar advertisement at Facebook. This website sells off season good quality stuff. I am a big fan of it and has since bough clothings, watches, bags, household items, towels, baby equipment/accessories from them. The delivery take longer time but the quality is good.

Here are some of the items that I brought from the website Mysale with great value and quality:

Mambo is a established brand of surf wear in Australia. The above bottom and top only cost RM29 each. They are the most practical swimwear that comes with UV protection. It could prevent sunburn even better than apply sun cream.

The halloween costumes that I bought maybe 9-12months ahead of Halloween and only cost around RM30-50 each.

RM30-RM40 canvas shoes