Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Planning For The Twins' birthday

Yes, it is still about 1.5 months to go, my Twins will be 1!!!

I know it could be a bit too early to plan at the moment. But you can't imagine, with work and the twins, it is always not enough time in a day, and Saturday and Sunday just gone passed without you knowing it.

I was born in a kampung. My family were really poor people. We did not have toilet in the house and I have never have birthday cakes, new clothes and even 'Ribena' when I was a kid. 

Now, I am going to plan and spend money for the twins' 1st birthday which they may not remembered and I am pretty sure that they don't even know what is going on that day. Now days, parents are going extra mile just to try to make things perfect for their little one(s).

My plan:-

1. A Theme
2. A Cake
3. A party planner
4. A photographer
5. A caterer
6. A guest list
7. Door gift/party packs.

Ok just want to share with mummy out there what I have done about the plan.

1. Theme

My 3 children enjoy watching 'Dibo the gift Dragon' on Playhouse Disney. So, this just come to my mind.

2. Cake

I am not a supporter of cupcakes and novelty cake. I attended few parties, but most of the people just got rid of the frosting as they are too sweet and thick. However, to make the theme look perfect, I have no choice but resorting to novelty cake. And, I found Jessica, the creator, the sculptor of cupcakes and novelty. You must check out her blogspot in my list. She is good. I have sort of discussed my idea with her. She is so enthusiastic about what she is going to do and proposed lots of difficult and complicated design. In view of the budget, I have asked for much more simple 2D cake. The idea is something like this but with the 'Dibo' theme and colors that signify the different sex of the twins.

3. Party Planner

I have come to know this creative party planner - razzle dazzle party box. You can click on my blog lists and try to visit her site. She is creative. As she is not available on the date of my Twins' birthday.  I have opted for Package A where no site attendance is required. The packages comprises of :

  • Balloon Bouquet
  • Personalised Party Displays
  • Personalised Birthday Pennant
  • Personalised Chocolate Bars
  • Personalised Mineral Bottles
  • Personalised Cupcake Tags
This is some of her work of a similar package that I have ordered from her.

4. Photographers

Anna-rina has been our family photographer for 2 sessions. So she is automatically becomes our choice. Again, her website is also under my blog lists. These are some of the photo taken by her during our last session.

The Twins and their grand parents

Angie and the Twins

5. Caterer

I heard of some good comments of Banana Catering (belong to Zang Toi) but after considering those advertised in China Press, those caterers are offering like 20 dishes comprised of fish, squid, chicken and etc. I think most people would prefer lots to eat and lots of choices. I have not set my mind but I think that's way it is going to go.

6. Guest list

I have prepared the guest list but it seems like add -on more and more each day. Alamak!!! Ok, I think I need to take control. Limit, limit, 50 pax excluding children!!

7. Door gift / party packs

My eldest son always bring back party packs from the Vital Year from those children who celebrated their birthday there. My personal opinion, they are mainly junk and I don't like him to take sweets too much. So, most of them usually gone to waste.

I am very proud of this finding. I managed to find some wall stickers, they are big and meant to stick to the room for decoration purposes. They are beautiful and they only cost RM 10.00 for 4 pieces. The seller even chipped in a few free one for me. There are theme like Ben 10, Mickey mouse, floral, abstract art and etc. I believe children will like things like this. Can't believe some of them are selling like RM7.00-RM10.00 per piece. That is why I am proud of my 'hunt'.

Ok will promise to post the birthday photos after the party.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So, Chicken Me!!!

To Go or Not to Go. So It was so Chicken of me. I didn't go on this shopping spree trip with my friend. Instead, I spend time, which I do everyday, anyway, with my family. We have done some open house visits and unfortunately all 3 of them were also down with cold and cough at the same time. I felt better that I have not opted to go, so I was able to give them their mother's tender loving care. I hope they will really appreciate that!!!