Monday, March 7, 2011

Sun, Sand, Beach - Trip to Langkawi

Once again, thanks to Airasia's free seats tickets, we managed to get the whole family including the maids to Langkawi for a short break.

It was a pleasant flight journey with a delay in departure to Langkawi of about 10 minutes and early arrival back to Kuala Lumpur around 20 minutes. It was only about 1 hour flight journey, so the children were manageable. Just a little bit of crying in the beginning and in the end of the journey.

We rented a Nissan Serena upon arrival at RM 260 for 3 days 2 nights, not a bad deal at all. We decided to stay at Awana Porto Malai this time due to its spacious room and the children pool, also a magnificent view from the room.

View from our hotel balcony

sunrise view

The children love the beach and really enjoyed themselves digging into the sand, soaking and trying to catch the fish in the sea.

A bit for too short (3 days 2 nights) for this trip. We can managed to go to the pool once, beach twice, visiting friends there, a bit of shopping and dinning out at the beach. Will definitely stay a day or two longer the next time. 

Can't wait for Airasia's next good bargain!!!