Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yes, Another Success Rate. She is pregnant!!

I came to know the husband via work. He actually came and see me and chat about my children and my journey of getting pregnant.

He said his wife has a miscarriage few years ago and is skeptical about visiting doctors and going through all sorts of tests. I proposed to him to bring his wife to come to my place and visit my children and I will share my experience with her and let her hold my children.

I am very happy of doing all these, to able to share my experience and see the sparks in their eyes when holding/seeing my children.

I am glad since that visit, they have decided to move forward and make an appointment to visit Dr. Prashant. Since then, nothing is holding them back. They obediently visited the doctors and follow the doctor's instruction and treatment. And 'Bingo', I received a sms yesterday that " my wife is pregnant with twins"!!!!!

What a great news!! As usual, tears running down my eyes. Congratulations! and May GOD bless your whole journey.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jack Goes to School

My little boy, Jack has finally gone to school.

It was not an easy start. Get started early in the morning, shower, eat breakfast and of course, the cry, the refusal to wear uniform and the refusal to get into the school. After all the hoo-hoo-ha-ha, then refuse to come back home from school!!!

And the same behavior again for the next day! I believe he will get settle down soon enough.

Chances of Fertility Treatment Success

I have overhead on the radio this morning about the new free online calculator which predicts couples' chances of having a baby through IVF has been created by scientists.

This will be excellent and with the test results said to be almost 99% accurate, this could save couples the emotional and financial pain of going through or repeated treatment.

The web resource was based on five years of medical records aim to tell women their likelihood of giving birth and this calculator was created by Glasgow and Bristol Universities researchers.

To use the calculator, you have to answer nine (9) questions related to woman's age, how many years of trying to get pregnant, the cause of infertility, previous IVF attempts and the outcomes.

The calculator is available for free at

I have tried earlier myself by reversing the clock to when I had my first child. My score/chance was only 22%, and this is consider very low. Generally, depending on your conditions, IVF has success rate of 40-60%. 

If I were at that time and with this claimed to be 99% accurate calculator available, I may have back-off with the idea of IVF. But look at me now, 3 children, I can't believe it myself sometime if I think about it.

So, I leave it to you to decide. Again, I think a good and honest doctor played a very important role in your decision making. Once again, thank you GOD and Dr. Prashant for my 3 gorgeous children.