Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Princess K, the fashion Diva

My daughter, even the brothers call her princess, has turn into a fashion diva and a drama queen. She must have her sun glasses, cap and watch on board Airasia flight to Langkawi. She found her princess saddles in Langkawi and insisted us to buy for her.

However, out of this trip, she conquered her fear of getting her feet on the sand and getting her hands dirty digging into sand. She was able to walk with her bare feet on the beach and dug with her bare hands.

no boots/shoes, no water to clean hands

Jack's First Stage Performance

Jack performed on stage for the first time in October last year. He practised almost everyday in school and came late September and early October, he told the teacher, he is tired and not going to do it anymore. We have an open mind since the beginning of this project. He is only 3 years old, if it happen, we are cool about it and if he refuses to participate, we are also Ok about. The teacher called me about it, I asked her to give him a break.

Just a few days before the concert, he participated in the practice session again. On the day of the concert, he clung to us and refused to go to backstage like the rest. His father accompanied him all the time. Again, we thought this is not going to happen! Fair enough, when come to his turn, he went on stage without hesitance and mastered his every move and act. So so proud of him. My Goodness, my 3 years old son, of course, tears in my eyes again watching my little boy!

Daddy was there all the time

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Missing In Action

I have been 'missing in action' for more than 5 weeks now since my last posting on 29 November 2011. We have a very busy December and very relaxing early January.

Last December, for the 1st to 3rd weeks, we have both the bathrooms renovated. We moved to a nearby service apartment for 3 nights to allow the workmen to carry out the hacking and finish up some wet works. It was too dusty and dangerous for the children to be around. 

Previously, we have only toilet at lower floor. We decided to refurbish the toilet and add on a shower room. The children used to bath in their little baby bathtub or with a bucket of water in the toilet. As they get older, we felt it is not appropriate for them to bath that way. We renovated the bathroom upstair to accommodate a new bathtub. The children like having a bath occasionally. They picked up the habit since our last trip back to their grandparent's home.

The work was supposed to finish in 2 weeks time but was dragged to the 3rd week. Typical attitude of Contractor, everything can when you first talked to them.

We stayed 3 nights at a place called Saville, just by the old klang road. It was a 3 + 1 rooms apartment with 3 bathrooms equipped with cooking and laundry facilities. This suited us well with the cooking and laundry facilities and it cost RM250/night. You have to pay extra RM10/day for car park facilities. Next time, if you have some family members come to visit and do not wish to pay some high hotel prices, maybe you can check this out short stay apartment and short term rental.

pool and playground at Saville
In between, the children including the maid and myself were fallen ill with fever, cough and cold.

Finally, the bathrooms finished just a few days before Christmas. We were doing very last minute shopping for the kids' present and busy preparing Christmas lunch. We have few of our close friends joined us for the celebration.

Then, we were off to Langkawi again for a 4 days break. Like people always said things get easier as the children get older. We have no problem with the children sitting on the plane by themselves. The eat, sleep and really enjoyed themselves playing sand and water there.

So, I am back, will try to get some updates soon including IVF success stories. Another break coming up soon in 2 weeks time, the Chinese New Year and early February public holidays. Really need to get back to routine, children are getting a bit out of hand after the long break.