Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best Mattress for Toddler

This is a follow up from my diaper free post. I think maybe after the twins were 1 year old, we have re-decorated the bedroom with new beds and guardrail.  We have chosen the mattress from Ikea for the kids' bed http://www.ikea.com/my/en/catalog/products/50213259/

The key features for the mattress as listed is as follows:-
Key features
Two different comfort surfaces. The eggbox-shaped surface relieves pressure and has better air circulation than the flat side.
- The cover can be machine washed which helps keep a hygienic sleeping environment for your child.
- Both sides can be slept on - it lasts longer, and keeps fresh for longer.
- Breathable jersey cover that is soft and nice to your child's skin.
The mattress is definitely the best find with the washable feature as it has a zipped along cover. Imagine the sick nights with the children pukes and their pee pee 'accident'. 
Just thought I should share this. I have seen some household with children and has occasionally bringing the kids mattress for a 'sun bathing' but that do not really get rid of the bacteria and maybe part of the smell away but with the above mattress, you can always wash and hygiene will not be a major concern.

Procedure for Filipino Maid returning to Philippines for Vacation

This is a repeated question being asked in forums and I have even received some enquiries on the procedure. So, I thought it will be good if I write something about it so that Employer will have some idea what to get done when their maid wants to return back to Philippines for a vacation.

Below is the information as published in their website:-

Filipino workers abroad who are leaving for Philippines for a vacation and are returning to the same employer can be issued an Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC. The OEC holder shall be exempted from the payment of the Philippine travel tax amounting to P1,600.00 and the Airport Terminal Fee of P550.00.

OEC applicants must accomplish an OFW Information Sheet, and present the following:
  • Passport with a valid Work Permit
  • Valid Employment Contract verified by the POLO-KL / Stamp Registered by POEA
  • Proof of OWWA membership and Philhealth coverage,
  • Payment of RM10.00 for OEC and RM100.00 for OWWA
*The OEC is valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issue or until the expiration of the work permit, whichever comes first.

Valid Employement Contract

If your maid's 2 years contract has expired. You can download the form from the embassy's website http://www.philembassykl.org.my/main/index.php/labor-services/forms (the one for the household service worker) and fill in the form yourself. You do not need an agent to do this and leave the agents' names/companies blank in the contract form. Then you will need to find a company with the notary public service as listed in http://www.agc.gov.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=94&lang=en. Call in the office which is convenient to you to make appointment for the service instead of walk-in as most of the time, the lawyer in charge is not in or in court. The Employer and the maid will have to present in front of the lawyer to sign the contract and then the lawyer will place his notary public stamp on it. This could cost from RM100-200 depends on the fee scale of that particular firm.

This is the insurance for the maid which includes (a) livelihood loan assistance; (b) insurance coverage; (c) burial assistance; (d) skills training and refresher courses; (e) scholarship program; and, (f) other benefits for the OFW and members of his family from the Philippines embassy. The insurance is valid for 2 years and can be purchased on the spot from the embassy.This costs RM90.

You can download the form from the above link and fill in prior to your visit to the embassy. If you just need the OEC, it will only cost you RM10. However, if your maid is returning home for more than 60 days, she will have to  apply for the OEC back in the Philippines as the OEC is only valid for 60 days. Then, you will have to verify the contract with the embassy and it costs RM RM38.50.

Employer doesn not need to accompany the maid to apply for the OEC. Do bear in mind that if your maid is going back during the xmas season, you need to go early in the morning to the embassy, the queue could be quite long and sometimes, you have to wait till after lunch. In normal day, it could be done maybe within half an hour time.

Good luck with your maid-less weeks or months!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Langkawi again and again!

We love Langkawi and courtesty to FireFly, we flew to Langkawi for free end of August this year, with merely a fee or RM 500 for taxes, seat selections and admin fees for the 6 of us!

I quite like flying Fireflyz as it is nearer, so save on taxi fare but longer flight time and bumpier flight journey due to its size.

Kids missed Langkawi and was looking 'so' forward to it! As usual, beach and bar went well with us.

Pool time too!

Thanks to Groupon too, we have a nice Tapas meal at the Telaga Harbour. By the way, a litre of Sangria cost RM10!!! A mug of beer is RM3.50 and soft drink is RM8!!

Yummy pate with toast bread and Sangria

And J, got himself and boogie board and learnt a bit of surfing!

Langkawi never fail us a holiday destination.

We are now looking forward to our Krabi and Langkawi trip next year, courtesy to Airasia and Fireflyz!

Why I have such a Blog Name?

I hated that now, 'arlene-stylishbaby'! Make people think that I am proud of my stylish kids! Trust me, my kids are not stylish at all, they wear carefour/tesco RM5 T-shirt and warehouse sales clothes.

I have been struggling with the name and need to explain it. It all started maybe in Year 2008 when I found this wholesaler that sell baby and kids clothes. I wasn't so IT savvy then. My friend said I could create a blog if I want to sell kiddies' stuff. So, I thought, yeah, stylish baby clothing! Hence, the blog name : arlene-stylishbaby! Now that I have abandoned the idea of selling, the blog name seems to be so inappropriate!

I have chatted with my friend, migration seems to be the only option. I can only create another blog and notify others in my old blog about the migration. Gosh! too much hassle!

I will just stick to this but just want to take this opportunity to clarify that I am not a proud person and not proud about styling up my kids! The name was initiated for other purpose!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Diaper Free, finally!

Hu Hu! The kids are finally diaper free now. 

Jack, started, just merely at 2 years old. He decided himself one day and told us he didn't want to wear diaper anymore. He was good with only one 'accident'. He would drink a bottle a milk before bed and possible a bottle of water in between but hardly wake up in between for a 'wee'.

Then the twins. We went shopping one day, just me, hubby and Jack and it was during Tesco-Mamy Poko sales, when it was like RM40.90-RM41.90 per pack, I usually will stock up like 3 packs. 

At the same time,  Jack asked me : Mummy, why can't we buy a Lamborghini?'. I said if your brother and sister could give up wearing diaper then maybe we could afford to buy one (only in our dream and it is only a talk to a child!! totally misleading, I know).

When we got back home, he spoke to both the brother and sister. Kayley said ok, she will try. Dylan, as his usual self, said ok but you can't really believe him.

There goes Kayley, trying to 'wee' after a bottle a milk and trying to keep diaper dry for a week and she did it, at the age of just less than 3.

However, Dylan decided to stay on the diaper whilst Kayley was diaper free for 8-9 months already. We kept telling him to grow up and stop wearing diaper. Last week, Kayley was giving Dylan a long lecture about not wearing diaper and how he should try. Dylan said he would and he did it. On the first night, he even woke up at 4am to 'wee' to make sure he doesn't wet the bed and he has done it for almost a week now. Finally, Dylan stop 'diapering' at the age of 3 years 8 months old! He is the baby, so can't really blame him for the late achievement!

So glad now, no more expenses on diaper!!!

sometimes ago, the twins

sometimes ago, jack

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Fishing Experience

We were invited by a close friend for a fishing trip at their private fishing pond. The children were pretty excited about the fishing idea.

We packed up some snacks and drinks and went for it. It was really a sunny/hot day but we did it and the kids enjoyed including hubby too. It was amazingly easy to catch a fish. I think among the kids and hubby, they caught about 10-12 fish.

My little princess, K, who is the 'gangster' of the house was surprisingly patient, calm and focus in this activity. She wanted to do everything herself from preparing the bait, throwing out the bait and winding up when get fish. This is the only time that I hardly find myself shouting at her. This girl is really a tough girl and they boys were not able to do everything that she did by herself.

I am glad this is a sort of like back to 'kampung' life or how we use to grow up life for them. The owner of the pond even get them to pick up rubbish around the pond. I am glad that they participate without any complaint.

and, they got to see worm!!! and enjoying it!

Here are some 'actions' photos taken by my friend of the kids playing around the pond.

We have steamed fish too for dinner that day and the kids were very proud of their 'catch' of the day!

Once again, my friend, EC, if you are reading this, thank you for the invitation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cherub Baby Glass Bottle Value Pack for Sale

I have got some of the Cherub baby bottles brought in directly from Australia for sale. This is the value pack comprises of twin pack of 240ml bottles and twin pack of 150ml bottles complete with a stylish sling cooler bag.

Normal selling price in Malaysia, for 240ml (twin pack) = RM110-140 and 150ml (twin pack) = RM85-110.  

The selling price for the following will be at RM240 (inclusive of delivery charges).

Only 7 sets left. Color available : Pink, Berry, Blue, Apple and Citrus.

The bottles are BPA free and with color change silicone sleeves if the milk temperature exceeds 42 degree Celsius.

Loose bottle also available for sale. However, the 240ml are fully sold and only left with twin pack of 150ml selling at RM85/set.

Email me at acbm123@gmail, if interested.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jack is 5!

Jack been asking for a birthday party for quite some times but we make it a point that 1 year old is big and thereafter, we are just going to buy a cake and celebrate at home. He was invited to few of his schoolmates' parties, so he always wanted one. I finally gave in to this one. According to the father, 5,10,13,18 and 21 years old are consider big, so we must give him a party.

When I first sent out the invites to the schoolmates, his former class teacher (for the past 2 years) told me that she was glad that I finally going to organise a party for him. She said she can see Jack feeling sad and be very quiet when others are celebrating their birthday in the class. I felt proud actually as he waited patiently and not demanding it in a big style all these years. So, I promise him, I will throw him a party and he can invite all his friend.

The Theme
Of course, it has to be about car and it has to be Lamborghini. If you read my article earlier http://arlene-stylishbaby.blogspot.com/2012/07/car-crazy-or-lamborghini-crazy.html, then you know he is crazy about Lamborghini.

The Invite

I created this invite with 'Pages' and took a screenshot and convert it into a Jpeg file, so I can send them via MMS/What's up to friends and his schoolmates' parents.

The Planner

Initially, I thought that is going to be like 30-40 children, maybe it is worthwhile to get a party planner to organise some games/activities. However, the 3 monsters managed to persuade me to have a bouncy castle instead. Actually, it is not a bad idea, then the kids will be gather at just an area. so easier for parents to keep an eye on them and of course, it is cheaper too.

For the table setting, cakes and decoration, we got them from: RazzleDazzle Party Box

The Bouncing Castle

This was definitely value for money. Kids so loved it. We ordered it from Bounce Playland.

The Photographer

I came to know Mr. Wong when he first commented on my blog in year 2010 about my visit to a car show. I read his blog and knew he loves photography and he is a lecturer. I sent him and email and asked him will he be interested to take some portraits of the company personnel for usage in our company website purpose. He said yes he would. I was delighted as I really admired his photography skills. We re-employed him in April this year. During the session, I asked him whether he would be interested to come over to take photos in Jack's birthday, again he accepted it. This is his blog http://cwwongphotography.blogspot.com/.

The Caterer

Food was great, highly recommended http://www.chakracs.com/Street_Rendezvous.asp. I opted for hawker style food - Batu Ferringgi Studio. After discuss with them about the crowd of my guests, they suggested to change Yong Tau Foo, Murtabak and Cucur Udang to Seafood Paella, Roti Jala with curry chicken and Fried Fish Finger.

Although we have a hiccups with the late arrival and food was set up almost 1.5 hours late. Good job that I have prepared some snacks for the kids. Also, I am glad that the verdicts for  the food were good from the guests. The Tandoori Chicken and Nan bread cook on the spot were a big hit. They are charging only RM18/pax.

Overall, I think it is a successful party. The kids and the adults have really good time and enjoy the party. I remembered few dads commented that this was not the ordinary party that you sat and have 10 orange juice and watch the kids only!

And of course, the after party fun.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow Walk - I city

Maybe it was a co-incident, the TV just on off showing about snowing. J, was asking : Mummy, when I am bigger, can I go and see snow, can I go Nanny house and play with snow, can I do snow angel?, can I............, can I.........!'.

So, I thought it will be a good idea to take them to snow walk to experience the snow and the cold. Snow walk, I city opens at 10.00 and cost RM25/pax for Adult and RM20/pax for kids. I done my home work well before heading there. I read from a blog it is worthwhile to get some gloves for the kids, if not, they are not able to do touch anything and will be dying of cold. However, winter clothing are provided for free over there. So, we managed to get 3 pairs of little gloves for the kids.

It was quite an easy journey and the directional sign to I-City is good once you existed the toll booth.

Overall, kids' comment : Good but veryyyyyyyy cold!!! 

The twins are too small and were scared to go on the slides but J, enjoyed every bit of it. The floor is quite slippery, K, was struggling with that and walk like a robot! D was just crazy and did his own thing!

Maid Stories

I came across about this story from the Facebook group of maid stories. Apparently if you advertise in the STAR newspaper for a nanny or domestic helper, there is this lady, Vivian will call you up and offer you a nanny.

She will claimed that she has a nanny agency and will require RM1400 for the agent fee and the next day, she will dispatch a chinese nanny to you but without giving you any receipt or business card. After a few days, the nanny will start complaining about the work and will leave and when you call Vivian back, she will say that the workload is too much that is the reason the nanny quit but she guarantee a replacement within a month or so from the beginning but after a several calls, she will not answer your call(s). 2 persons had been cheated by her and her mobile number was 012-687 5409.

So, ladies, do watch out if you come across this. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

MILO Breakfast Movement Blogger Session

I felt honoured to be invited by MILO last Saturday for the first MILO Breakfast Movement Blogger Session last Saturday.

I decided to attend with the kids. The organiser was really friendly and allowed me to bring the kids and even arranged some activities for the kids too. It was a great exposure for the kids instead of  'lepaking' around on weekend.

The session was held at The Cooking House Sdn Bhd at Desa Sri Hartamas. We arrived about half an hour early but the organisers were friendly and were chatting with the kids. The kids picked their own breakfast and of course, having their favorite, MILO drink.


The Venue

The event was held in line with MILO Breakfast Movement aims to deepen the relevance of breakfast in every Malaysian home and it was supposed to be in form of interactive discussion with our blogger and speakers. However, I was too occupied with the kids and can only go along with the session as it went.

There were 2 speakers Professor Poh, Nutritionist Society Malaysia and Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Manager of Nestle spoke about Breakfast, nutrition and tips for parents and the importance of breakfast for adults and finally cooking demonstration by Chef Marina Mustaffa. 

Jack assisting Chef Marina in making MILO pancake for breakfast

Kayley, trying out the pancake
Photo Session with Chef Marina 
Thank you MILO for the invitation! The kids have great time!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday in Krabi

We went for a 4 days 3 nights holiday in Krabi last month. We booked the ticket during Airasia sale for RM1300 for 7 persons including hot seats and 40kg of baggage and insurances,very good value.

This time we decided to treat ourselves by staying in nice villa which comes with own driver and transportation service, airport and hotel transfers and own private swimming pool.

Own Tuk Tuk with drive

Own private pool
The villa has 3 bedrooms and it is about 5km drive from the busy Aonang beach area but with your own transportation, distance is not an issue. We were issued an handphone on arrival to enable us to call the drive for pick up or delivery.

The villa also comes with a complete kitchen. This suits us well. We could actually cooked at home or 'bungkus' outside and heat up later. The driver actually took us to the market and we have daddy to cook us BBQ one evening. The driver helped us to set up the BBQ.

Our own chef

Living Room

Bed 1


Bed 2

The villa gave us great flexibility with the space and pool for kids to run around and play. I find this sort of villa arrangement best for people with family. Sometimes, I went out with maid for groceries shopping, sometimes we went out with 1or2 kids for shopping and sight seeing and some stayed behind and just chilled by the pool.

We really have good time and sure will go back there once we are able to get cheap tickets again. By the way, AA is having free seats to Krabi and you just need to pay for the airport tax. I have checked it out and it only costs us RM690 before add-ons of hot seats, baggage and insurances but we are giving a miss this time as we have holiday booked for April and August in Langkawi this year.