Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Langkawi again and again!

We love Langkawi and courtesty to FireFly, we flew to Langkawi for free end of August this year, with merely a fee or RM 500 for taxes, seat selections and admin fees for the 6 of us!

I quite like flying Fireflyz as it is nearer, so save on taxi fare but longer flight time and bumpier flight journey due to its size.

Kids missed Langkawi and was looking 'so' forward to it! As usual, beach and bar went well with us.

Pool time too!

Thanks to Groupon too, we have a nice Tapas meal at the Telaga Harbour. By the way, a litre of Sangria cost RM10!!! A mug of beer is RM3.50 and soft drink is RM8!!

Yummy pate with toast bread and Sangria

And J, got himself and boogie board and learnt a bit of surfing!

Langkawi never fail us a holiday destination.

We are now looking forward to our Krabi and Langkawi trip next year, courtesy to Airasia and Fireflyz!

Why I have such a Blog Name?

I hated that now, 'arlene-stylishbaby'! Make people think that I am proud of my stylish kids! Trust me, my kids are not stylish at all, they wear carefour/tesco RM5 T-shirt and warehouse sales clothes.

I have been struggling with the name and need to explain it. It all started maybe in Year 2008 when I found this wholesaler that sell baby and kids clothes. I wasn't so IT savvy then. My friend said I could create a blog if I want to sell kiddies' stuff. So, I thought, yeah, stylish baby clothing! Hence, the blog name : arlene-stylishbaby! Now that I have abandoned the idea of selling, the blog name seems to be so inappropriate!

I have chatted with my friend, migration seems to be the only option. I can only create another blog and notify others in my old blog about the migration. Gosh! too much hassle!

I will just stick to this but just want to take this opportunity to clarify that I am not a proud person and not proud about styling up my kids! The name was initiated for other purpose!