Monday, August 19, 2013

Diaper Free, finally!

Hu Hu! The kids are finally diaper free now. 

Jack, started, just merely at 2 years old. He decided himself one day and told us he didn't want to wear diaper anymore. He was good with only one 'accident'. He would drink a bottle a milk before bed and possible a bottle of water in between but hardly wake up in between for a 'wee'.

Then the twins. We went shopping one day, just me, hubby and Jack and it was during Tesco-Mamy Poko sales, when it was like RM40.90-RM41.90 per pack, I usually will stock up like 3 packs. 

At the same time,  Jack asked me : Mummy, why can't we buy a Lamborghini?'. I said if your brother and sister could give up wearing diaper then maybe we could afford to buy one (only in our dream and it is only a talk to a child!! totally misleading, I know).

When we got back home, he spoke to both the brother and sister. Kayley said ok, she will try. Dylan, as his usual self, said ok but you can't really believe him.

There goes Kayley, trying to 'wee' after a bottle a milk and trying to keep diaper dry for a week and she did it, at the age of just less than 3.

However, Dylan decided to stay on the diaper whilst Kayley was diaper free for 8-9 months already. We kept telling him to grow up and stop wearing diaper. Last week, Kayley was giving Dylan a long lecture about not wearing diaper and how he should try. Dylan said he would and he did it. On the first night, he even woke up at 4am to 'wee' to make sure he doesn't wet the bed and he has done it for almost a week now. Finally, Dylan stop 'diapering' at the age of 3 years 8 months old! He is the baby, so can't really blame him for the late achievement!

So glad now, no more expenses on diaper!!!

sometimes ago, the twins

sometimes ago, jack

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Fishing Experience

We were invited by a close friend for a fishing trip at their private fishing pond. The children were pretty excited about the fishing idea.

We packed up some snacks and drinks and went for it. It was really a sunny/hot day but we did it and the kids enjoyed including hubby too. It was amazingly easy to catch a fish. I think among the kids and hubby, they caught about 10-12 fish.

My little princess, K, who is the 'gangster' of the house was surprisingly patient, calm and focus in this activity. She wanted to do everything herself from preparing the bait, throwing out the bait and winding up when get fish. This is the only time that I hardly find myself shouting at her. This girl is really a tough girl and they boys were not able to do everything that she did by herself.

I am glad this is a sort of like back to 'kampung' life or how we use to grow up life for them. The owner of the pond even get them to pick up rubbish around the pond. I am glad that they participate without any complaint.

and, they got to see worm!!! and enjoying it!

Here are some 'actions' photos taken by my friend of the kids playing around the pond.

We have steamed fish too for dinner that day and the kids were very proud of their 'catch' of the day!

Once again, my friend, EC, if you are reading this, thank you for the invitation.