Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have noticed a few of my friends on facebook are doing the 'sketch your photo'. I tried it on my own and found it extremely amazing. Like one of the user commented ' how can he stop?'

Here are some of the sketches that I have developed via 'SKETCH YOUR PHOTO' on facebook.

There are several templates for you to choose even some with the 'Halloween' theme. You just need to upload your selected photos and get the effects as above. Do try it yourself.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My cute baby and Career Bear Contest

I saw this advertisement during my normal weekend groceries shopping at Carefour. So, I thought maybe should just try my luck. They were having a photo shot session in Carefour.

Apart from buying the Sofy or MamyPoko products of RM 50.00, you actually will need to pay extra for the photo shot by De One Digital Photo Studio. Their package is RM 48.00 comprises of 2 x 4R photo and 1 x 8R photo (for contest). As usual they will try to convince you into buying more and more. My mind was focus, I decided no matter how they persuade me or how lovely the children look, I will spend no more than the RM48.00. 

Here are some of the shots :- .

Finger cross, even winning a hamper also is good enough  !! 

Yeah,  the Huggies Million Dollar contest must be over and nobody contacted me, so no chance for a million dollar then. Will try harder the next time!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jack The Poser

Yeah! I have nearly forgotten about this until I took some photo shots of him posing in his 'Huggies' Diaper. I said to him "come, mummy take a photo of you, pose like you are the Huggies Baby!". These are the shots.

Jack used to be a baby model for 'Poney'; the baby and children brand of clothing. I was very proud of him when we went for the shooting. He was the only one who was most co-operative and did not cried at all throughout the session. 

There are people who asked me why am I not trying to pursue some modelling opportunity for him. I have also thought of it myself and has explore some possibility. Generally, I think :

  • This will be time consuming and I am a working mother. You must be willing to take the kid for their shoot whenever there is a call.
  • Some advertisement could take almost a day. I think this will be unfair and very tiring for the child
  • I am a very safety alert person. I have once received a call for a shooting but the location is somewhere in a narrow/dark street area. I am worrying enough of my and the child safety even just going to a shopping. Location like this, it  is definitely a No! No! .
  • Plus, I have 3 children. I can't be concentrate on one and spend lesser time with the rest. 

However, there are lots of successful child models around. I accepted 'Poney''s offer as the shooting only took about 2 hours and for that, it was not bad as Jack's 1st pay job. 

Jack's 1st pay
Alright, maybe entering some contests and win some hampers or money will be useful!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Kids Enjoy Swimming

It was the weekend and swimming time for the kids. Can't believe they love the water so much. We have finally managed to get Jack, the big brother into his arm bands and he has now understood what is call freedom instead rely on us to push or hold him all time. He is able to swim/move in the big pool all by himself.

jack swim by himself in 5ft pool
Dylan loves to get himself wet. He was like non-stop splashing and he wasn't worry at all about the water getting into his eyes.
Dylan splashing away happily

Kayley, as usual more interested in eating than anything else. Trying to eat the tube and drink the pool water!!

Kayley: Give me something to eat!!!!! I want my mum-mum!!

I have bought a neck ring type of floater. Jack was too scared to put it around when he was a baby. Some of my neighbours use them. OK,  it is sort of cute seeing the baby kicking around the pool by themselves but again it is also sad to see their neck being confined like that. The moral of the story is at the end, the ring does not make them able to swim, just get them to get use of the water. I would still prefer the normal ring where they can move their hands, kick their legs and see things and communicate with you.