Monday, May 20, 2013

Jack is 5!

Jack been asking for a birthday party for quite some times but we make it a point that 1 year old is big and thereafter, we are just going to buy a cake and celebrate at home. He was invited to few of his schoolmates' parties, so he always wanted one. I finally gave in to this one. According to the father, 5,10,13,18 and 21 years old are consider big, so we must give him a party.

When I first sent out the invites to the schoolmates, his former class teacher (for the past 2 years) told me that she was glad that I finally going to organise a party for him. She said she can see Jack feeling sad and be very quiet when others are celebrating their birthday in the class. I felt proud actually as he waited patiently and not demanding it in a big style all these years. So, I promise him, I will throw him a party and he can invite all his friend.

The Theme
Of course, it has to be about car and it has to be Lamborghini. If you read my article earlier, then you know he is crazy about Lamborghini.

The Invite

I created this invite with 'Pages' and took a screenshot and convert it into a Jpeg file, so I can send them via MMS/What's up to friends and his schoolmates' parents.

The Planner

Initially, I thought that is going to be like 30-40 children, maybe it is worthwhile to get a party planner to organise some games/activities. However, the 3 monsters managed to persuade me to have a bouncy castle instead. Actually, it is not a bad idea, then the kids will be gather at just an area. so easier for parents to keep an eye on them and of course, it is cheaper too.

For the table setting, cakes and decoration, we got them from: RazzleDazzle Party Box

The Bouncing Castle

This was definitely value for money. Kids so loved it. We ordered it from Bounce Playland.

The Photographer

I came to know Mr. Wong when he first commented on my blog in year 2010 about my visit to a car show. I read his blog and knew he loves photography and he is a lecturer. I sent him and email and asked him will he be interested to take some portraits of the company personnel for usage in our company website purpose. He said yes he would. I was delighted as I really admired his photography skills. We re-employed him in April this year. During the session, I asked him whether he would be interested to come over to take photos in Jack's birthday, again he accepted it. This is his blog

The Caterer

Food was great, highly recommended I opted for hawker style food - Batu Ferringgi Studio. After discuss with them about the crowd of my guests, they suggested to change Yong Tau Foo, Murtabak and Cucur Udang to Seafood Paella, Roti Jala with curry chicken and Fried Fish Finger.

Although we have a hiccups with the late arrival and food was set up almost 1.5 hours late. Good job that I have prepared some snacks for the kids. Also, I am glad that the verdicts for  the food were good from the guests. The Tandoori Chicken and Nan bread cook on the spot were a big hit. They are charging only RM18/pax.

Overall, I think it is a successful party. The kids and the adults have really good time and enjoy the party. I remembered few dads commented that this was not the ordinary party that you sat and have 10 orange juice and watch the kids only!

And of course, the after party fun.....