Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Big Club

As usual at the end of the year, we usually plan a trip to JB. The kids' uncle and auntie stay there. So, we are taking the oppurtunity to visit them and take the kids to Little Big Club. We will usually fly there and daddy will be taking us back to KL in his car. Daddy has a job site in JB and travels there often.

Again, thanks to Airasia, for the 5 of us, one way airfare, I think only cost up to RM120.

Banana Leaf Exeperience

J been asking me about serving food with on banana leaf, he was curious wanted to try. There we go, taking them out for their first banana leaf experience.

And, they love it! We are doing that more often now. They think it is a very amusing experience of eating on banana leaf instead of on a plate.

The twins turn 4, Nov 13.

We have a very simple celebration of the twins birthday this year. They will have their big birthday party when they turn 5 this year.

J, a very lucky boy!

I have slipped greatly on my postings now. I have a very busy last year and can't believe 3/4 of 2014 has passed too. I have a numbers of backlog postings , thought of taking this oppurtunity to clear out some, at least 2013's.

Hubby was being invited to an opening of a supercar showroom. Not that we can afford one, is just that he knew the salesman and bully him into inviting him. See, this is a very boy stuff and of course, he will need his partner in crime to go with him. So, lucky J got to go to this type of 'classy' event filled with VVIP and the super rich! 

Frank Stephson, award wining designer of Mini Hatch, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and McLaren.

Datuk Mokhzani

Joe G, radio DJ

At the age of just 5, he knows his car stuff very well, the horse power, no. of exhaust, the speed and the price. I didn't even seen or heard of any of the super car at the age of 5. 

He reads Top gear magazine and watches an episode of Top Gear before going to bed.