Monday, February 25, 2013

MILO Breakfast Movement Blogger Session

I felt honoured to be invited by MILO last Saturday for the first MILO Breakfast Movement Blogger Session last Saturday.

I decided to attend with the kids. The organiser was really friendly and allowed me to bring the kids and even arranged some activities for the kids too. It was a great exposure for the kids instead of  'lepaking' around on weekend.

The session was held at The Cooking House Sdn Bhd at Desa Sri Hartamas. We arrived about half an hour early but the organisers were friendly and were chatting with the kids. The kids picked their own breakfast and of course, having their favorite, MILO drink.


The Venue

The event was held in line with MILO Breakfast Movement aims to deepen the relevance of breakfast in every Malaysian home and it was supposed to be in form of interactive discussion with our blogger and speakers. However, I was too occupied with the kids and can only go along with the session as it went.

There were 2 speakers Professor Poh, Nutritionist Society Malaysia and Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Manager of Nestle spoke about Breakfast, nutrition and tips for parents and the importance of breakfast for adults and finally cooking demonstration by Chef Marina Mustaffa. 

Jack assisting Chef Marina in making MILO pancake for breakfast

Kayley, trying out the pancake
Photo Session with Chef Marina 
Thank you MILO for the invitation! The kids have great time!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday in Krabi

We went for a 4 days 3 nights holiday in Krabi last month. We booked the ticket during Airasia sale for RM1300 for 7 persons including hot seats and 40kg of baggage and insurances,very good value.

This time we decided to treat ourselves by staying in nice villa which comes with own driver and transportation service, airport and hotel transfers and own private swimming pool.

Own Tuk Tuk with drive

Own private pool
The villa has 3 bedrooms and it is about 5km drive from the busy Aonang beach area but with your own transportation, distance is not an issue. We were issued an handphone on arrival to enable us to call the drive for pick up or delivery.

The villa also comes with a complete kitchen. This suits us well. We could actually cooked at home or 'bungkus' outside and heat up later. The driver actually took us to the market and we have daddy to cook us BBQ one evening. The driver helped us to set up the BBQ.

Our own chef

Living Room

Bed 1


Bed 2

The villa gave us great flexibility with the space and pool for kids to run around and play. I find this sort of villa arrangement best for people with family. Sometimes, I went out with maid for groceries shopping, sometimes we went out with 1or2 kids for shopping and sight seeing and some stayed behind and just chilled by the pool.

We really have good time and sure will go back there once we are able to get cheap tickets again. By the way, AA is having free seats to Krabi and you just need to pay for the airport tax. I have checked it out and it only costs us RM690 before add-ons of hot seats, baggage and insurances but we are giving a miss this time as we have holiday booked for April and August in Langkawi this year.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maid-less for 2 Weeks!

We survived 2 weeks without a maid during the Xmas and new year period. Our maid went back home for her break. We have finally agreed a deal with her that she can go back home yearly for 2 weeks but with the condition that she must work with her for a longer period e.g 5 years. Even with this agreement, we were worried that she may not be back after the break. My friends were telling me to hold her money but in actual fact, she spent most of her money home every month and the balance, she spent them when during her break days. I kept telling her how important to have her saving, however, things seems to happen and need money to resolve back at her home!

Ok, our survival plan, my husband took the whole Christmas week off work. I have to work in the morning and take the afternoon off. My husband will let the kids wake up late, lepak in their pyjamas and eat junk for breakfast, watch TV again and again and sometimes ipads for the kids to play. When I finished work, I will get back and get them lunch. After lunch, they were allowed to watch TV or play till 2pm and then nap time. During their nap time, I will try to get housework done and prepare dinner. All these went well without a problem, a bit tired but we can get through without problem. I kept telling the kids that they have to help us out and fair enough, they were quite co-operative, like help to set up table during meal time, bring their own dishes to kitchen and put their dirty clothes in laundry basket and etc.

We even managed to host Xmas lunch and cook the lunch ourselves during Xmas.

It was quite a good way in spending some quality time with them and get them to participate in house works.

The following week, kids go back to school. So, it was just me picking them up from school and handling 3 of them by myself but I enjoyed it.

Now life is back to normal and thank God, the maid came back eventually.

If you ask me, will I do this for a long time and become a stay home mom? The answer is definitely 'NO". It is a 24/7 job with no break, no public holiday, no medical leave, no bonuses!