Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She is Pregnant

AB, she is in her mid 30's and has been married for 1 1/2 years. She contacted me via email and seeking advice about IVF and the doctor. That happened maybe 8-10 months ago.

I remembered there was this occassion. I was having Satay with my brother's family in Kajang and next day, I received an email from her asking whether I was in this location at that time, that actually freak me out a little bit like how she knows and we never met! She spotted the kids and similarity of the photos that I posted on my blog. I asked her why did she dropped by and say hello, she said she was shy!

And then, she went missing for months!

She contacted me recently and announced that she is 8 months pregnant! And here is her story.

She went for her first ever check-up before contacting me but the doctor was not able to detect both of her fallopian tubes. Then, she realised the way forward will be IVF or IUI and that is how she found my blog.  Doctor suggested her to carry out HSG and on the day, when she visited the doctor about the result, the doctor said can't see the tubes, she will need surgery and she told the doctor she has missed her period. Doctor then did a scan and spotted the little beating heart! She is pregnant.

So now still puzzle her so much is like even the doctor advised that she need surgery and how can she get pregnant! Doctor just said forget about it and let's concentrate on the baby. I will agreed with doctor 100%. Just relax, enjoy your pregnancy and soon to enjoy your motherhood.

I once read a blog about this lady who has been trying to get pregnant for like years. The making love part  has become like a homework and no more fun left. She is a Christian and the mother in law is not. Once the mother in law said to her " Come, let's go temple with me to pray to my God, your God is not helping you, maybe my God can help". I find this hilarious but I believe it happen to so many of us and not just her!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Formulated Milk Powder - Constant search for Good Deal

I am all up for good value of formulated milk powder. People should understand my position with 3 very young kids. The milk powder could cost you a bomb!

It was through my friend's recommendation that I started to give my first born 'Enfalac' infant milk formula. My friend's sister was working with Mead Johnson and was entitled to 'staff' discount. So, I usually will get like RM10 discount in comparison to the normal market price. So everything was cool then, until I have the twins and my friend's sister was no longer working there. I struggle with the  thoughts of changing to a cheaper brand of milk but Dr. Prashant advised me to stick to the same brand for the twins.

Again, God was great to me and my friend helped me to get cartons of sample of infant milk for free!!! My daughter who has enzyema problem and has to consume 'HA' milk and again my friend and a paediatrician was kind enough to sell me the sample for RM10 which in normal market price is RM30+++. So, I sailed through the kids's first year with discounted or free milk formula.

I have the shock after their first year and all of them are consuming Enfagrow A+. There is no doctor, friend, paediatrician there anymore to help me to get any discounted milk or samples. The 3 of them can consumed up to RM1000 worth of milk formula! Shocking amount to pay just for milk, right?

I have no choice but have to keep a constant look out for milk and stock them up when there is promotion. I remembered last year's Enfagrow A+ cost around RM85-89 (after like 2-3 times of price increased!) and I managed to stock up when Tesco was having promotional price like RM79, those stocks last me like 3-4 months. You can imagine the price I have to pay at that time to stock up!!

And came this year, the price has increased up to RM106 for 1.7kg. During promotion, the price could be around RM98.99/tin. I was lucky at the beginning of this year that Carefour and Tesco was having promotion for this and I managed to get like 4 cartons and cost me RM89.99/tin and I still have some balance of stocks.

On last Saturday and Sunday, Tesco again is having a promotion and the price was RM89.99/tin and again I managed to get 3 carton and my eldest boy is turning 4 next week and he will be changing to Enfakid A+ and I managed to get a carton for that for RM82.99/tin. So, I am stock up (hopefully) till August this year!!

However, as the children grow older, the milk consumption drop too, maybe to RM400-500 a month.

I know of a website that selling cheaper 'Enfa' milk in comparison to the market price. If you are interested to buy in bulk, do check this up :Cheap Enfa milk

Children cost the majority of our household bill with their:-

1. Food 
2. Milk
3. Education + Transportation
4. Food supplement (vitamin and etc.)
5. Maid to look after them!!
6. Doctor's visit
7. Toys! mainly 'Junk' too
8. Etc.

Maid Issues (4) - Facebook Group

My blog reader has recently invited me to join a group called 'Maid Stories' in Facebook. I have read the topics and stories. Quite a informative group with information like 'horror' and 'good' stories, market prices of maids, illegal maids, maid behavior, maid agencies and contacts of maids.

Do check it up if you are interested and there are some 'blacklisted' maids too and hope you do not have one of them in your home!!!