Friday, September 30, 2011

Success Rate

Looking back at those successful stories about friends that finally got pregnant, I was thinking I may have given the wrong impression to other about the success rate of Dr. Prashant. I need to clarify that those postings are merely the result of people or friends who have seek my advice and visited Dr. Prashant and finally got pregnant.

As I casually asked one of staff over at KL Fertility Centre (Dr. Prashant's clinic) the other day about how is the success rate, her answer is ' it is always high'. Great, keep up the good work, Doctor!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Success Rate (3)

Another thank you, another success rate! 3rd trial after 2 failures. She used to visit other doctor. We met during work and happened to talk about my children, my journey. After that, she took my advice and visited Dr. Prashant. Pregnant at the age of 39!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


J, the big brother and a very good one. He is a sensitive boy too! He is very sensitive and caring about your emotions and feelings. Always well behave.


Little D, acts like a baby, need loves and attention at all time and he is a milk-aholic. He is sensitive, so need to handle with care.


Little missy, doesn't like the camera, doesn't like to wear dress, doesn't like to get her hands and feet dirty but plays like a boy, loves her cars, balls and bicycle!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Choosing the Right Pre-School/Kindergarden for Your Children

I sent Jack to VitalYear at the age of 23 months and I am sending the twins at age of 21.5 months to the same place at the beginning of this month. It was through a friend's recommendation and also in view of the centre is just right opposite where I stay. VitalYear has done a good job with Jack. He was not able to socialise, say mummy and daddy (his language skills was only limited to word like bus, ball and bird). He was able to speak, play with other kids after going to Vitalyear, let people touch him and even read! So, I am doing the same with the twins, the twins also need to learn some discipline and social with others.

Jack left Vitalyear at the age of 31 months and I enrolled him into TotalChild. Vitalyear teaches mainly English. I wanted Jack to learn more than just English. At the age of 3, TotalChild does not introduced reading but instead teach the kids some practical skills like going to toilet, wearing clothes and others like coloring, counting, singing and art and craft. I was totally Ok with that. Some parents were worried that I may stand a chance that Jack may loose his reading capability that he has learned in Vitalyear. To me, there will be a long journey and years of reading. I want my children to be able to play and enjoy themselves at this age.

Some parents also enrol their children in other extra classes like art and craft, singing, piano,karate and etc. and the child need to stay back to learn all these after school hour. Instead, I wanted my child to come back after school, eat their lunch and go for a nap, watch TV or play thereafter. I believe a child of age 3-5 should be able to enjoy themselves and not loaded them with all these extra curriculum activities.

Recently, I have joined some of friends and has visited some other pre-school and kindergardens. There is this particular new outlet, they have very impressive and amazing facilities and teaching tools and the fee is cheaper. My friends have decided to transfer their kids over there and I was struggling with the idea to go or not to go. I have gone through some of the books, they are mainly academic driven and I find the syllabus is harder in comparison to my son's current school.

The questions are :-

1. If I do not enrol him in this new school (with the harder syllabus), can he cope when going to Primary School.

2. Is it important to push our children so hard academically?

However, I decided to stay on after giving thoughts to the following:-

1. If we are staying at the outskirt, there is limited choices of pre-schools anyway. We will usually enrol our children to the school nearest to our home. Some of the children still can perform well in school.

2. I find the new pre-school is pushing too hard on certain things and I do not agreed with them on the following:-

  • saying prayer before having meal. what if my child can't tell what is their religious/belief
  • special play room only for the top 10 students. This not fair, only high achiever got the privilege.
  • teaching partly with ipad 2. I agreed this is a modern technology world but i still prefer my children to be able to make their own cupcake and not the virtual cupcake. Fixing puzzle from scratch and etc.
  • location : shoplots and distance away. Not a fan of shops area, traffic situation, children came down with teachers while awaiting parents for pickup.

Notwithstanding the above, I have also spoken to Jack's current school to improve their facilities and teaching equipments and tools. I am quite happy with what Jack can do and learned from this school. Time and time again, he will come out with some amazing things like tidy up his own toys, say his 'Thank you' and 'Please', helping the brother and sister with their drinks or food, trying to pat his siblings to sleep,  things that he must do and things that he can't do and etc.

So, something you need to think of when your child/children is/are ready to go to school!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day Trip to Port Dickson

Seeing the kids enjoyed themselves so much at the golf course, Daddy decided to take them for a day trip to Port Dickson so the children is able to make their sand castle.

Little princess was furious and refused to get her hands and feet dirty

But, the boys were having so much fun

Even though it was just a short journey, we were still loaded with 3 big bags comprises of :

  • changing clothes, towels, nappies, blankets (for use in car and their little habit to hold it while drinking milk)
  • Toys (for sand castle), picnic mat, buckets, arm bands and etc.
  • Foods and Beverages

However, it was worth the trip seeing the kids (apart from Kayley) enjoyed so much. Jack was asking when can we go to Langkawi again!

Children's Activities - Golfing

We took the kids to join their dad at the golf course one Saturday.  Daddy went earlier and took a ride with a friend and we drove over with the kids when daddy was at his last 2 holes of the game.

Good outdoor activity, fresh air and they got the chance to see monkeys. Outdoor or any physical activities are good for kids, tired them up and they go to sleep easily!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kids Just Want To Have Fun

During the long Hari Raya and Merdeka day breaks, we took the kids to this new indoor playground 'Kid's e World' at Garden, Mid Valley.

Kid's e World's facilities include:-

  • Indoor Playground including Toys-In Motion (moving blown up toys)
  • Courses  like Music & Movement (age 0-7), Art Education (age 6-12), Dance (age3-12), speech & drama (age 3-10), Rhymes & Chime (age 7-12), Music Therapy (for children with special needs), Crafty Arts Buffet (age 4-12), Animation (age 8-12) and Robotics (age 8-12)
  • Wifi
  • Party Rooms
  • Gym Area for Parents
  • Kids's Toilet
  • Cafe & Snack Bar

The charges:-
Admission (Per Day)

  • Weekday  RM30
  • Weekend & Holidays RM50
  • Weekday Voucher - RM100 - 5 Admissions
  • Weekend Voucher - RM100 - 3 Admissions
  • Children below 60cm admits for Free

Drop and Shop

  • Weekday - RM50/hour
  • Weekend - RM80/hour
  • (50% extra for children below 2 years old)


  • RM50 Registration Fee + Course Fee

Overall, it is a pretty safe place for the children to run/bounce/jump/play around.

My children enjoyed the 2 hours stay there and refused to come out of the place.

They have a locker facility over there and cost RM1 but each time if you open it, you will need to insert another RM1 for that, so plan smartly e.g get the kid's water tumbler, nappy and etc. that they need out  before lock your belongings in.

The other problem is with the toilet facilities. The toilets are generally clean and safe but there is lack of baby changing area, you can't lay your young toddler down for their nappy change.

Kid's e World contact information:-

Location : FF-202, Fourth Floor, The Garden Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL
Contact : 012-389 7677
Email :
Website :
Opening Hours : 10.00am - 10.00pm

One last thing, if you are going, remember to bring socks for children and the accompanying adults. You need to wear socks at all time.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Car Crazy

My sons are all into 'The Car' disney pixar movie. It was a huge surprise for Jack when the 2 main characters; Mater and Lightning McQueen (a.k.a 95) were on display at The Curve.

However, the kids were so excited when they spotted 'Lightning McQueen' parked just right outside our condominium.

We decided to take Jack for his first 'Car 2' movie in the cinema last Sunday. He enjoyed it and was very well behaved throughout the movie.