Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you for the Invitation!

ML, she is one of my blog reader. We chat regularly. She invited my family, maybe a month ago to her son's birthday party. We never met and when I got there I have to ask someone where and who is ML.

My kids had a great time over there. Once again, thank you ML for the invitation.

She even packed away some extra food and goodies for us including giving us a bouquet of balloon! Imagine a big bouquet balloon sitting in our living room!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Car Crazy or Lamborghini Crazy

Jack is always obsessed with cars. He has tonnes of die cast car collection. He knows his car stuff, car names, models even the numbers of exhaust of a car.

One day, we dropped by Hyundai show room just to be busy body and checking out the cars. When we got that, he cried and refused to get out. He said "I don't want this! I want daddy to get a Lamborghini".

One day, I told him the company is going to buy daddy a car, so I pointed out the model of Toyota car that the company is going to offer to daddy. He said "Nay!". He said "Why daddy's boss can't get him a Lamborghini" and asked me " Can I go and talk to daddy's boss to get him the Lamborghini". I wish you could my dear son!!!

If we go out and happen to see a Lamborghini or any posh cars or funky looking vehicles, he will definitely want his picture taken with the car. Here are some of the collections:-

Sport's Day

The kids were all excited and have been practising their 'pom-pom' dance at home. They were all well behaved and work up real early on the day itself.

However, once we reached the sport's complex of Subang Jaya, Dylan chickened out. He refused to join his friends and instead just sat and eat.

I know Jack has no problem mastering every moves but Kayley, really made me proud and again tears in my eyes seeing her performing the 'pom-pom' dance.