Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow Walk - I city

Maybe it was a co-incident, the TV just on off showing about snowing. J, was asking : Mummy, when I am bigger, can I go and see snow, can I go Nanny house and play with snow, can I do snow angel?, can I............, can I.........!'.

So, I thought it will be a good idea to take them to snow walk to experience the snow and the cold. Snow walk, I city opens at 10.00 and cost RM25/pax for Adult and RM20/pax for kids. I done my home work well before heading there. I read from a blog it is worthwhile to get some gloves for the kids, if not, they are not able to do touch anything and will be dying of cold. However, winter clothing are provided for free over there. So, we managed to get 3 pairs of little gloves for the kids.

It was quite an easy journey and the directional sign to I-City is good once you existed the toll booth.

Overall, kids' comment : Good but veryyyyyyyy cold!!! 

The twins are too small and were scared to go on the slides but J, enjoyed every bit of it. The floor is quite slippery, K, was struggling with that and walk like a robot! D was just crazy and did his own thing!

Maid Stories

I came across about this story from the Facebook group of maid stories. Apparently if you advertise in the STAR newspaper for a nanny or domestic helper, there is this lady, Vivian will call you up and offer you a nanny.

She will claimed that she has a nanny agency and will require RM1400 for the agent fee and the next day, she will dispatch a chinese nanny to you but without giving you any receipt or business card. After a few days, the nanny will start complaining about the work and will leave and when you call Vivian back, she will say that the workload is too much that is the reason the nanny quit but she guarantee a replacement within a month or so from the beginning but after a several calls, she will not answer your call(s). 2 persons had been cheated by her and her mobile number was 012-687 5409.

So, ladies, do watch out if you come across this.