Monday, September 3, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

I know it is a bit late but better than never, Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim readers or followers.

Maid Available

I have a maid who is still in Mindanao Philippines who is ready to come over to work here. She has done her medical and will expiry in 1.5 months time. Long story cut short, she was supposed to come over to work for me. However, due to the agent who is not alert with our immigration regulations, I cannot let them send my current maid back home and goes without maid for 2-3 months prior arrival of the new maid. With no choice I have instead spoken to my current maid and now she is agreed to stay. 

I came to know about this maid via her sister who works here with a German couples. She was supposed to come and work for me but due to her previous visa was not able to transfer to an expat family, so the plan didn't work (her previous employer was leaving the company, so she was looking for a job at that time). She has instead recommended her sister to come to work for me. I have interviewed her via skype and I have met her younger sister here twice.She seems decent and could be 'potentialy' good and willing to work long term. The terms we have agreed was RM1200 + 2 sundays off and Employer pays for food and toiletries. 

She is 26 and has 1 daughter. Email me ( if anybody interested. Her sister here would like to chat with the interested Employer first. The agent is charging RM6600+RM4000, the 4k is to be deducted from the maid's salary. Her sister also got contact of agent who can arrange her permit once she enter her via tourist visa, for this, I am not sure what is the charges.