Monday, December 17, 2012

Good vacation Villa for Family Vacation

I have booked Airasia tickets since early this year for us to go Krabi in January 2013 and it only cost us RM1000 for the 7 of us with return tickets, hot seats and sufficient baggages!

Anyway, I came across these villas in Bali and Krabi. I think it is good for a family holiday. You have   a kitchen for cooking and your private own pools, and if you feel posh enough, you could get the chef to cook for you too! Also, own Tuk Tuk service and transfers from and to Airport, the transportation is already worth a bit of saving. Kids can play around instead of stuck in a confine space of a hotel room and you can be more relax with your time table, like cooking on your own and if the kids are tired, they can take a nap or go anywhere you like with the in house Tuk Tuk service.

Here are the villas:-

Villas in Krabi, Thailand
Villas in Bali (the are more villas website in Bali, you can google for them like Seminyak villa and etc).

K and J modelling for Totalchild Pre-School

Some Recent photos

Here are some of the recent photos captured when the kids are being nice and not fighting with each other!!

Missing in action, again!

Yes, I have been busy with works, the school holiday, preparation for the upcoming festive season + my maid is going back for 2 weeks. Finger cross (tightly) that she will be back after that. If not, will seriously need to quit work for a while and sort my 'life' out!

Just a quick recap. We have been travelling since October. First to clubmed, then made effort to take the kids balik kampung to see my auntie in Port Dickson, then to Strawberry Park in Genting and Legoland. Yeah, I have done lots, right? Of course in between, the big bad wolf book fair and also quick christmas shoppings. Everything is for the kids, nothing for ourselves anymore!!! Oh, yeah, forgotten, also a quick celebration of the twins' 3rd birthday. No photos of the birthday bash is available yet, will have to wait for my friend to burn them into a CD for me. 

Here are some of the activities photos:-


Forgotten this one too, Mummy's home made Halloween costume!



My girl is surely braver and stronger than the boys. She was willing to try out most of the rides. The boys were like not this one, not that one, I don't want this, I don't want that. By the way, if any of you are thinking about going, Legoland actually provide stroller rental service. For a double stroller RM30/day, single stroller RM20/day, very good value. However, the merchandise in the shop could cost you a bomb!

K and D's 3rd BIRTHDAY

I only taken the photos of the cakes!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Clubmed 21st-23rd October

The 5 of us excluding the maid went on a driving trip to Clubmed, Cherating. It was a self-drive company trip. The journey took about 3 hours and the kids were manage-able with in between time of playing ipads or iphones. They slept about 2 hours throughout the journey there but were asleep all the way back home.

This is really not a good time to go Cherating. We got there about 5pm and it was a raining day. However, the 2nd day was raining almost the whole day. The sun only managed to come out on the last day of our stay.

We have heard so much about the mini and petite clubs there. We left the kids there on the 2nd day. They were so unsettled and were seen to be crying on off. The clubs have very good comments from all over the world. However, I do not think it meet maybe, my standard of caring for kids. For the petite club, which is suppose for kids below 3, was only with three stuff.  When I dropped the twins there, there is no specific person that will soothe them or keep them occupied. When my friend went to drop her kid about 1 hour later, she told me my little D was still crying and he was by himself without any attendance but Missy K, has gone with the group for a swim in the pool.

Jack attended the mini club. They have series of activities arranged for the kids. However, I find the G.O(s) will not encourage your kid if he/she does not want to participate. The kid will just need to tag along as they go on to one another activity. After 2-3 hours of stress, peeping here and there watching the kids. We decided to take them out during lunch time.

The kids were sobbing none stop seeing us and told us that they do want to go back to the club anymore. So, there went our plan for a quite drinking and chatting session with the other company members. Never mind, at least mummy was happier after getting the kids out.

The food and drinks were fantastic. We finally got to enjoy the holiday on our last day of the trip. However, in my opinion, the rooms need to be refurbished. The rooms are seen to be leaking here there and with heavy musky damp smell.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Missy K's 1st concert

Last year, we have Jack performing his first ever concert and this year, the 3 of them should be performing too. However, little baby, D, as usual, is not going to do anything at all just like his sport's Day and visit to the orphanage.  Little D, better realise that he is not longer a baby and need to step up. Little D said he will do it next year but let's see what happen next year.

On the other hand, Missy K, did everything as instructed by teacher. Not a single 'no, no' from her.  Mummy, of course, cried and cried watching my missy K, mastering her every move!

Jack, of course, no problem with him as he is older now.

Langkawi, Again!

Yes, we went to Langkawi again in August in conjunction of darling husband and daddy's birthday. This round it costs us around RM500 with return ticket for the 7 of us. Since one of maid has left us, so this trip was only the 6 of us.

We purchased a groupon deal dinning voucher that only cost us less than RM100 for the 4 pax but 8 of us (including our 2 friends from Langkawi) went and there were still untouched food and left over. Great value for money. We have pasta, salad, lamb shank, pizza,fajitas, satay and etc. The place is called Skybar along Pantai Cenang. The host was great and gave us a free birthday cake too.

We took the kids to the Fama orchard on the last day of the tour. The tour guide was very friendly and has all sort of silly ideas for the photo effects. Here are some of them:-

Of course, the kids enjoyed their stay in Langkawi. Hubby and myself have a chance for some quite drinking time too!

Fertility Facts

This is common and so, we are considered normal, then!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

I know it is a bit late but better than never, Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim readers or followers.

Maid Available

I have a maid who is still in Mindanao Philippines who is ready to come over to work here. She has done her medical and will expiry in 1.5 months time. Long story cut short, she was supposed to come over to work for me. However, due to the agent who is not alert with our immigration regulations, I cannot let them send my current maid back home and goes without maid for 2-3 months prior arrival of the new maid. With no choice I have instead spoken to my current maid and now she is agreed to stay. 

I came to know about this maid via her sister who works here with a German couples. She was supposed to come and work for me but due to her previous visa was not able to transfer to an expat family, so the plan didn't work (her previous employer was leaving the company, so she was looking for a job at that time). She has instead recommended her sister to come to work for me. I have interviewed her via skype and I have met her younger sister here twice.She seems decent and could be 'potentialy' good and willing to work long term. The terms we have agreed was RM1200 + 2 sundays off and Employer pays for food and toiletries. 

She is 26 and has 1 daughter. Email me ( if anybody interested. Her sister here would like to chat with the interested Employer first. The agent is charging RM6600+RM4000, the 4k is to be deducted from the maid's salary. Her sister also got contact of agent who can arrange her permit once she enter her via tourist visa, for this, I am not sure what is the charges.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prolonged coughing should not be ignored as one of the causes could be pertussis.

This is an article from:Thestar. I think we all experienced the prolong coughing with our children and maybe have taken it lightly. The following article is something important that we all should take note of :-
YOU may have read or heard of whooping cough or pertussis, and you may also be wondering why we should be worried about it when all our children should be immunised against it.
The truth is, the immunity to pertussis from vaccination wanes with age, leaving many adults and adolescents unprotected. It is these adults who will infect young infants, who then end up with complications of pertussis.
Pertussis is caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis, which is highly infectious.
It can affect all age groups, but infants below the age of one are at highest risk of severe illness, complications and death.
Pertussis is also difficult to diagnose as the early symptoms of this disease resemble that of the common cold or bronchitis. It is a dangerous disease, and can be fatal in very young children. However, it is just as easily prevented.
Passing pertussis around
Whooping cough or pertussis is easily spread through contact with fluids from the nose or mouth from an infected person. You can get infected with this bacteria if your hands touch these fluids or you might spread it to someone else through contact with the nose or mouth.
Furthermore, coughing or sneezing can launch small droplets of mucous from the nose or lungs into the air, which then infect those who breathe in these droplets.
Symptoms of whooping cough usually appear seven to 14 days after a person is infected, and in some people, symptoms could take up to three weeks to appear. In the beginning, most people have symptoms that are similar to a common cold, including a runny nose, sneezing, and a slight fever, followed by a dry cough a few days later.
Over time, the cough becomes more severe, and those infected may experience:
·Coughing spells that are long and hard, causing difficulty in breathing.
·A distinctive “whoop” sound when breathing in at the end of a coughing fit.
·Turning blue during an attack due to lack of oxygen caused by the inability to inhale during bouts of coughing.
·Vomiting and exhaustion following episodes of coughing.
·Feeling normal in between coughing spells.
·Worse coughing fits at night.
How much damage can whooping cough cause?
Pertussis can cause severe coughing fits that could result in a cracked or broken rib. Complications occur in 5-6% of cases.
The most common complication that results from pertussis is secondary bacterial pneumonia, an infection of the lungs. This pneumonia cause the majority of whooping cough-related deaths. Young children and babies, especially those younger than two years, are at the highest risk for complications.
In addition, pertussis could also lead to other complications, which include:
·Small, red spots on the face, chest, abdomen or back, caused by burst blood vessels from coughing.
·Bruises, nosebleeds and bleeding into the whites of the eye.
·Ear infections.
·Weight loss and dehydration due to vomiting.
·Apnoea, which are pauses in breathing.
·Widening of the airways, causing extra mucous to form and collect in parts of the airways, making the lungs prone to infection.
·Lack of oxygen to the brain, which may cause fits, or in some rare cases, brain damage.
·A lump in the abdomen or groin, known as a hernia, which occurs when part of the bowel pushes through a weakness in the muscles of the abdominal wall.
According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 66 deaths due to pertussis were reported in the years 2004-2005, with 56 of these children under the age of three months. In most cases, the deaths occurred in children who were not vaccinated, or those who were too young to be vaccinated.
Children who suffered pertussis as babies may subsequently have a fragile respiratory system and weakened immunity.
Preventing pertussis
Pertussis can be treated with appropriate antibiotics, plenty of bed rest, and fluids. However, in young children and infants, this may not be enough. The best way to prevent pertussis from developing in the first place is through vaccination.
Immunisation through vaccines are 80-90% effective in protecting against this disease.
In Malaysia, all babies should receive the whole series of the DTaP (Diptheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis) vaccination, mandatory under the Health Ministry. Infants are given the vaccine at two, three, and five months, plus a booster shot at 18 months of age.
However, the protective effects of the vaccine typically only last four to 12 years, and adolescents and adults have to be re-vaccinated against the disease.
It is advisable that they are vaccinated with the Tdap (tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis) vaccine as a booster shot to reinforce immunity. Although the Tdap vaccine has lower antigens of diphtheria and pertussis, they are just enough to boost immunity against pertussis in adolescents and adults.
The booster shot is especially important for adults who come into close contact with babies younger than 12 months to prevent passing on the disease.
Furthermore, this booster shot is also recommended in children aged four to six years, adolescents aged 11-18 years, as well as adults aged 19-64 years.
All individuals handling or taking care of infants and children should be vaccinated with Tdap. These include parents, grandparents, day care employees, nurses and other related health professionals and pre-school teachers.
If you are pregnant and want to be vaccinated against whooping cough, it is advisable to wait until the second or third trimester before getting the vaccination.
In any event, do consult a doctor or paediatrician for the best time to get vaccinated.
Are there any side effects?
With any vaccination, parents are often concerned about any side effects that may result from the vaccine. Children and adults alike who receive the DTaP vaccination may have local reactions, which include tenderness, pain, redness or swelling.
Mild fever, headache, tiredness and nausea may also occur for adolescents and adults receiving Tdap.
However, these are mild, and usually do not interfere with daily activities. Hence, they do not require medical attention.
Other severe reactions such as extensive swelling of the arm where the injection was given is rare.
If any unusual conditions do occur, such as high fever above 38.9°C, difficulty in breathing, wheezing or dizziness, seek the attention of a doctor immediately.
Pertussis is one of the easiest diseases to prevent. Take charge today, and get yourself and your family vaccinated against this disease. Don’t ignore adult booster shots using Tdap to protect yourself, your family and society.
Datuk Dr Zukifli Ismail is a consultant paediatrician and paediatric cardiologist. This article is courtesy of Positive Parenting Programme by the Malaysian Paediatric Association, supported by an educational grant from Sanofi Pasteur. The opinions expressed in the article are the views of the author. For further information, please visit

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beautiful Photos captured by Aaron Kok

In my last posting, I mentioned about ML, my blog reader invited us to her 2 years old son's birthday party. They hired a photographer for the event and here are some of the photos captured by Aaron Kok:-

Thank you again, ML for sending those lovely photos to me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Deal! Kids go free to Legoland!

Hey, grab this deal if you plan to go to Legoland before end of this month. Normal price for a day pass for kids (age 3-11) is RM110.00.

To redeem the free ticket, you just need to bring along the above wrapper but with condition that you must purchase a full gate price adult ticket. The voucher is valid from 15 September 2012 to 31st December 2012.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you for the Invitation!

ML, she is one of my blog reader. We chat regularly. She invited my family, maybe a month ago to her son's birthday party. We never met and when I got there I have to ask someone where and who is ML.

My kids had a great time over there. Once again, thank you ML for the invitation.

She even packed away some extra food and goodies for us including giving us a bouquet of balloon! Imagine a big bouquet balloon sitting in our living room!