Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good shopping deal!

I have recently found this great place with most of the clothes selling at RM5-RM15. I bet you must have heard of this place, Kenanga Wholesale City.

The F.O.S there sells clothes cheaper than those at other shopping malls. They usually have buy 1 get 1 free deal and is located at the North Wing-Ground Floor. Just above F.O.S, on the 2nd floor at the corner, there is this amazing shop that sells clothes from RM5-RM15.

Here are some of the examples:-
RM5 top.

 RM10 top
RM15 skinny jeans
RM10 (for a pair of pyjamas)
RM15 pants

There are lots more, even adults 'branded' T-shirt (e.g Nike/Puma/Adidas etc), reasonably good quality is only RM 5 each and jean shorts for adult/kids are only RM10 per pair.

I usually will spend about RM200 in that shop but come back with lots of clothes. If we go to normal shopping centre, I think RM200 may get you 2-3 pieces of clothes.

With those sort of prices, we do not need to worry shopping for clothes for our kids and concern that they will out grown their clothes shortly.

The mall also has shops selling all sort of clothing ranging from women, men, Muslims, children and other including bags, toys, jewellery, hair accessories, house hold stuff, stationery and etc. If you are planning for a party with theme (princess, Minion, Angry bird, Ben 10 etc etc), you can easily find party pack goodies like bags, stationery, key chain, soft toys and etc over there.

They also have a non halal food court at 7th floor and other halal food outlets scattering at different level.

Be prepare with comfortable shoes and clothing including trolley bag as there are 7th floors and you will take hours just to browse around.

So, spend your money wisely and enjoy your shopping. 

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